Why have we designed our own method?

The choice of the word "Exceptional" was not random. Our goal is to not to go by the course book from cover to cover but to provide you with exceptionally good language skills so that you could speak spontaneously and correctly in a foreign language and to be at home in any linguistic situation.


Not only has the author of the method and Exceptional English founder, Tatiana Vinichenko, got a philological background and a ten years of teaching experience but she has also done her Master's in Communication Management in Estonia and in the Netherlands. This has inspired her to create a method comprising successful communicative teaching techniques with the indispensable knowledge of psychologically competent communication.


A&V method is based on the established up-to-date communicative approach but is unique in that it includes a wide spectrum of extra-curriculum audio- and video techniques and focuses on developing students' listening skills and their application to everyday communication.