Process of registration for the course


In order to enroll in a course, the student shall apply for the course. The application can be sent through the registration form on the website (, by e-mail ( or through the self-service portal of Töötukassa (Unemployment Fund) if the registration for the course in question is open.


The student is enrolled in the course based on his expression of will, and his consent to participate in the course is confirmed by the Registration Form (Registreerimisleht) and / or by the Learning Agreement. Registered students can see the course information in the Registration Form. If necessary, Exceptional English also sends the information about the beginning of the course by e-mail or over the phone.



Before the start of the course, if necessary, an entry level test is carried out. On the basis of the test, the student is offered a group corresponding to his level of knowledge of a foreign language. 



The student can obtain additional information about the course from the course organizer, whose contacts are available on each page of the website.