Signature method A & V

Language immersion

You might wonder: "Why do we use so many extra materials? Why are course books not enough?" Sure, today there is plenty of modern course books, and each of them contains its own audio- and video materials. Why bother?


And now answer these four simple questions (if you studied a foreign language before): 


  • Do you easily understand what the foreign text in front of you is about but still read newspapers and watch TV programs only in your mother tongue?
  • When foreigners in the street ask you a question in a foreign language, do you feel embarrassed, afraid to make a mistake, and try to give the shortest answer possible?
  • When you travel to another country, are you afraid to ask a passer-by for directions in a foreign language?
  • Does the idea of a job interview in a foreign language make you feel uneasy?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it's because one of the hardest language aspects is listening skills and the ability to speak fluently and answer spontaneously, here and now. However up-to-date the course books could be, they can only partly teach you to understand "live" speech. Plus, the vast majority of indispensable vocabulary and cultural phenomena simply cannot fit into the Student's book. 


It's important to read and listen not only to texts, adapted to your current level and practice speaking not only to your teacher and the course book's audio tracks. It's important to immerse into the language and culture and practice speaking to as many foreign interlocutors as possible on a wide variety of subjects.



During our classes you will dive into the language atmosphere: from watching and discussing the latest news to chatting with our foreign guests to the most "talkative" speaking club with native speakers! We will provide you with plenty of "live" expressions and dialogues, which will help you feel at home in any situation.

Correct Pronunciation

Have you studied a foreign language before but still speak with a strong accent? Do native speakers start smiling when they hear you speak their language? It means that your previous teachers:


1) either didn't speak the language at Proficiency level themselves


2) or didn't bother (or couldn't) teach you the correct pronunciation due to insufficient phonological skills.


The author of A&V method devoted several years to phonetic research and designed a number of audio-, video- and phonetic techniques, which help quickly acquire correct pronunciation and minimize the accent from the mother tongue.


100% communicative approach

Today every language school claims they keep to the communicative method. But in fact, not many of them even follow or even know what communicative principles are.  So what communicative principles do you follow at Exceptional English? Click below to find out.