Communicative approach

Speak easily from the 1st lesson!

About 70% of the class is devoted to speaking practice. Our students start to speak the studied language from the 1st lesson, which allows to quickly get used to the sound of a foreign speech. Such approach helps to get rid of both language and psychological barriers.

95-100% of the lesson is held in the studied language


Our teachers and students use the studied language in their communication at up to 100% of the class time - that is how the immersion into language enviroment happens, and spontaneous communication skills form.


Of course, if you start to learn the language  "from scratch", it is hard to manage without explanations in the mother tongue at the first time. However, our approach is aiming to  teach you how to "swim" (speak the language) without relying on the "lifebuoy" (translation) first go.

We make the complicated easier!



In the communicative approach, there is no need to bone up on grammar and vocabulary. We  We discuss the words and rules in a context, and then work on them in practical execrises and gradually bring them to automatism. After all, this is how children learn: they link the word (subject) and its meaning (object) and use it right away, while adults correct them in the process of communication.


If the topics are "live"m vital, and the discussion is constructed in a captivating way, the materials are stored automatically in your mind. No more tiresome texts like "London is the capital of Great Britain" or questions like "What is the day today?". Only engaging conversations, vital dialogues, active participation in group work, debates, talk show, role plays and regular meeting with native speakers.

Speak fluently and correctly!

Clearly, our classes are not limited solely to chatting in the language. Our goal is to introduce the language in a system, as a single entity.


Our courses are special in a way that we have the optimal balance of speaking practice, learning and practicing vocabulary, mastering grammar and its practical application. We teach how to speak not only fluently, but also grammatically correctly.

Communicate without the auxiliary language!

We use minimal reliance on native language and translation. Vocabulary and grammar are introduced in a context, but without translations when possible. So why is the reliance on the mother tongue is so bad? 


When constantly relying on mother tongue, each and every foreign word has to go through 4 stager in your mind:


object - word in mother tongue - translation - word in foreign language


And what happens when we skip using the auxiliary language? Communicative approach accelerates the process of memorization to a simple scheme: 


object - word in foreign language


This method allows to skip translation your thoughts into foreign language (what is more, interlocutor can understand you incorrectly with a literal translation). You will make a sentence in foreign language straigh away, which will make your learning process and  actual use of the language in real life faster and easier.