Tatiana is the founder of Exceptional English and the teacher of English, Finnish, German and Russian. She graduated from Amur State University (English philology) and did her Master's degree at Tallinn University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Tatiana perfected her teaching skills in St. Petersburg и "polished" her pronunciation in Philadelphia, PA.


Tatiana has learnt 6 languages and received a certificate of the level of a native speaker in English (C2). She is convinced that there are no people who are not capable of learning a language, if they are motivated enough. Tatiana's classes are energetic, versatile and always accompanied by a good mood.


Alina teaches Spanish language at our center. She studied in St.Petersburg and moved to Estonia to complete her Bachelor's degree in Spanish Language, Culture and Translation at Tallinn University. Alina has been conquering the Spanish language for 7 years and regularly practices her speaking skills with native speakers.


What makes Alina's classes special is her ability to create relaxed yet highly motivating learning atmosphere. She knows how to engage her students, so it's no surprise they keep taking her classes for many years.


Fabio is a native speaker of Italian (Naples, Italy). He has a doctoral degree in applied acoustics and is currently working as a researcher and a lecturer for Master's degree students at Tallinn Technical University.


Fabio creates a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in his classes, and studying Italian with him is always a pleasure.

Yu Hao

Yu Hao is a Chinese language teacher from Taiwan. He graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University and completed his Master's degree in Management in Moscow State University of Technology. Yu Hao lived in Moscow for several years, working as a Chinese teacher at Wokei Chinese educational center.


At Yu Hao's classes you will realize that learning Chinese is not "mission impossible" but a really exciting process. In addition to speaking English, Yu Hao has also managed to learn Russian and he speaks it fluenly, so do not hesitate to start learning Chinese with him!