Exceptional English offers courses of the following languages:

  • English
  • Estonian
  • German
  • Finnish
  • Spanish
  • Russian

All you need to do is choose the needed course from below with the intensity and schedule suitable just for you.

Classical language course


If you seek a systematic language learning where every aspect of the language is given equal attention; if you look for a reasonable load, then you can definitely sign up for I Like It Classic. And do not let the word "classic" confuse you: it is a modern communicative course with the use of our unique methodology.

Speaking-focused course


If you have to constantly communicate with your foreign clients and colleagues, and your aim is to get over the language barrier ASAP and be able to find your way out of different vital situations, then you shall find our I Want To Speak course with emphasis on speaking practice just right.

Intensive speaking-focused course


Do you feel like diving into the language's subtleties? Or maybe you are planning to pass the international language exam? Are you motivated enough? In that case, this course is made for you. You will find everything here: a wide vocabulary, perfected grammar, reading, writing, our exciting audio/video technique, speaking pratice with foreign guests and regular evaluation of your progress. 

Intensive grammar course


Have you already been learning the language for a few years, have got a huge vocabulary, but you still need to fill in the blank spaces in grammar? Our course Flawless Grammar will help you to get rid of the common mistakes, use more advanced constructions and make your language grammaticaly flawless in just 30 classes (60h).

Custom-tailored course


Are you looking for a job-specific course? Then we shall develop an individual program just for you! Course for secretaries, managers, customer support and plenty of other specialities - we can customise the course to correspond to your professional needs.

Are you better at learning language by yourself or with your friend, spouse or partner? These options guarantee individual approach to each student and their needs. You can also choose the frequency and duration of your classes yourself!

Zoom/Skype classes

Our center is located in the downtown, but if you prefer to learn languages without leaving your home or office, we are glad to offer you distance Skype classes. Since these classes are individual, you have the chance to choose the frequency and topics which are most useful for you.

 Distance learning


1-2 classes per week x 60 min or 90 min


Duration, frequency and topics - by agreement